As an entrepreneur, do you often work from a gut feeling? Are your colleagues unsure where you want to go? Then you are not getting the maximum potential from your team or yourself. Marketing Plan Today gives you a structure to get everyone focused in the same direction and working together for success.

Every entrepreneur deserves an awesome marketing plan. You can create yours for free with Marketingplan Today, without endless workshops and meetings. Forget about the lengthy forms and complex templates. You will answer six straightforward yet thought-provoking questions which will become the fundamentals of your new marketing plan.

The questions in the book and in the FREE online module reach to the core of entrepreneurship. In just a short time, you will identify the added value of your company and/or product. You will set goals and desired results, including the basis for marketing and sales strategies.
  • Your marketing plan in almost no time
  • Free video explanations
  • Based on 25 years of experience with over 100 companies
  • Book with more explanation available soon
Free: Direct to our online plan wizzard including video help. No sales; no costs.
Privacy: A plan is saved when you register. We only see the e-mail address and the plan name. Everything you fill in remains invisible to us.

What do entrepreneurs have to say about Marketing Plan Today?

With six questions, you will get the essentials of marketing and entrepreneurship. Sometimes you want the basics quickly. This method gave us new insight into our investment process.
Gerdi Vogels (CEO Vogel's Products bv)
This afternoon I made my marketing plan within one hour with an ex IKkologie student and Albert Zeeman himself. Strong concept!
Remco Claassen (rebel and inspirational speaker)
Thanks for the new #marketing #business #insights! Albert has proven that he can help businesses within an hour.
Fleur van den Horn (founder Stichting Achtzaam)
Unbelievable how Albert made it possible to be on your way to a fresh and substantiated marketing plan with just a few questions.
Ben Tomesen (Specialist in Design and Implementation of Organizational Changes)

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